Like old vinyl records, film cameras give ya that feeling the digital counter parts just cannot create. Of course developing film can become expensive but the photos you capture with these classic works of art are infinitely higher resolution and cannot be easily lost by say a hard-drive crash or corrupted memory card. One particular camera that really intrigued me was my girlfriend’s Yashica Mat-124G. It’s a medium format camera (size reference here) so the film is quite a bit bigger than standard 35mm I’m used to. But the coolest part is the large topside viewfinder which gives you the ability to take pictures from the hip with ease. This function of the camera makes candid and street photography more stealthy. Looking through the 2”x2” viewing  window is like looking back in time at the world. Major testament to the craftsmanship of these cameras considering they began being manufactured nearly 41 years ago!

Here are a few examples of the Mat-124G in action.

– Portrait – Taken with camera pictured.

– Street

– Black and White

Some of the general features of the Yashica-Mat 124G include:

  • 4 element f/3.5 – f/22 Yashinon lens
  • Copal shutter, speeds range from 1 sec – 1/1000 sec plus B
  • Dual film format: 120/220 – Medium Format
  • Crank film advance/shutter cock
  • Waist level finder w. sports finder window
  • Auto-timer