Hello World…

Well I’ve been on the Horizon literally and figuratively as I’ve been traveling a ton around the US of A and around the globe doing my deal, MC’ing, hosting, living it up, BLESSED!

Having traveled & Instgrammed my travels @JarodDeAnda so much and no time to slow down it’s nice to receive a gift to enjoy home and still feed my automotive rush, enter a gift from Forza & XBox


Forza Horizon the newest title from the Forza franchise features an automotive music festival with a free ranging driving experience that also utilizes the Kinect as a feature while playing…

Forza Horizon 006

Recaro not included..
Forza Horizon 004

Was hooked up with a console featuring the last Forza Motorsports graphics wrap on it, thanks Vic, Marco & Team…
Forza Horizon 005

Forza Horizon 001