59 posts later, each done once a week every week for the past year…
Happy 1 Year Anniversary of Fatlace blogging to me!
(Excuse me while I pat myself on the back.) 

When I first started doing this, I was self conscious about what I was writing, how I was writing, was it interesting enough, do people even read it, should I post pics of myself, how do I look, etc. etc…and though I still go through these questions weekly I’ve now gotten pretty comfortable – developing my writing style and sharing my private little world.  It takes a lot (and I mean A LOT) of discipline to put something together every week.  Just ask my dear friends…who have no choice but to deal with the constant hair pulling of “what ish am I pulling out my ass this week?” .  The same friends who also say “hole up lemme fix my face” once they see me pull the camera out ha!  But I admit…the rewards of doing this are tenfold.  I’m less concerned about the vanities and more focused on sharing the simplicities of (my) life.  And after each post, I feel a little sense of accomplishment.  I just hope that this steady evolving personality of a blog gives my readers a little bit of light every week… just as it does for me.
To quote the words of my #1 favorite book of all time
The Alchemist
“Maktub.” (It is written.)”

My blog steeze.
CHEERS to one year!

P.S.  For this next year of bloggin’ I’m open to whatever’s thrown my way.
Hit me up if you have events/places/any damn thang you’d want to see blogged about.

Till the next episode.