Last weekend, we took it easy and had dinner at Sam’s Chowder House. They are famous for Clam Chowder and the Lobster Roll. I tried the lobster roll last month. It was pretty good but a little dry. This time I ordered the Hawaiian Escolar and a cup of Chowder. Stella went perfect with the meal. The Escolar and chowder were pretty good, I’d recommend it.

After dinner we watched the sun dip and hung out at the beach for a few.

This Ferrari broke a lot of necks at the parking lot.

On the way to work I was a able to see the Alemany Burners. This is a shot of (part of) Estria and Bam, painted by Bam. Tough to get a clean shot on a moving train w/ an iPhone.

When I see a chance to Tilt Shift something, I’ll take the shot. None of my TS photos are planned.

This is panning the train. No filter or fake blur.

I don’t know about you, but some of my best sketches happen at meetings or class. (While paying attention to of course!) These important skills were developed at school. This is a lowercase letter “a” for Raevyn’s Stickynote 1 Letter Graffiti Battle. It’s a closed group so I’ll need to add you, or you can request from Rae himself.

I also heard that Initial D stage 5 is confirmed!