Yesterday we had a private party to kick off the new line. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien performed along with Bukue One and a special guest freestyle session with Fashawn.

Friends from the area that showed up, RIF LA, Bowls, Archrival. Ben Baller & Nicolette showed up. Al, Jay and Pete from Nakama Brand, Rotiform Friends, Edward from Mackin, Rob Heppler & Melissa Meister, Shin from Air Runner, The Meister Guys, Jae Bueno, Rodney & Andrew from HPI, Oakley Friends, SA Studios, Alyasha & Keith HUF, & iD Agency, Pro AMA Supercross Rider Cole Seely, Dogzilla was there serving up the crazy style dogs as well as Sino Tequila. And a ton of other friends showed up. Thank you.

I personally wanted to thank all the crew for making it happen as well as everyone who came out to support. There’s quite a big line forming outside as I type this and excited to see how it goes at 11am tomorrow.

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