Palladium and Alpha Industries have teamed up to release a collaborative collection of products that include a pair of Palladium Pampa boots with authentic Alpha Industries nylon from the MA-1 flight jacket along with a limited edition Alpha Industries MA-1 flight jacket with a never before executed color blocking pattern.

Both brands have roots in the military and aviation industries. Palladium’s heritage stems back to 1920 when the company was founded to make aircraft tires. After WWII, Palladium then put their knowledge for canvas and rubber to make boots. Palladium provided boots for the French Foreign Legion with their classic canvas Pampa boot. This model was chosen for the capsule with Alpha Industries for its timeless design.

Alpha Industries was founded in 1959 with the sole mission of protecting American service members around the globe. The U.S. Department of Defense entrusted Alpha to engineer rugged outwear for the most extreme climate conditions. The Alpha MA-1 flight jacket is a modern take on the military inspired designs with a fresh and innovative style.

I was fortunate enough to receive the capsule collection (shout out to Hommy). The packaging alone shows the attention of detail that went into this collection.

The boots feature Alpha Industrie signature flight nylon on the outside, along with the Emergency Orange as the inside lining. Full-length lateral zippers and co-branded ribbon tags are reminiscent of the jacket’s zip closure and decorative accents. The boots also maintain signature Palladium style elements, including: a rubber toecap and one piece molded rubber outsole that lend to durability and a rugged aesthetic.

The jacket features colorblocking to bring in the sage, navy, black and maroon so that it would complement any of the boot variations. The sage colorblocking on the back of the body and sleeves of the jacket symbolizes the silhouette of a plane which pays homage to the shared military aviation history that is inherent in both brands. Palladium’s rubber patch is featured on the sleeve and the co-branded ribbon is featured on Alpha’s signature utility/pencil pocket.

Both items are available now. The slim-fitting MA-1 city explorer flight jacket is $175.00 and can be purchased direct on the Alpha Industries website. Two versions of the boots are available with the Pampa Hi boot and four variations of the fold-over Baggy silhouette, dubbed the Pampa Hi Zip MA-1 available in two colors and for $75 and the Baggy Zip MA-1 available in four colors for $90. The Baggy Zip MA-1 is also available for women.