The ever popular moniker ‘period correct’ refers to styling a vehicle with appropriate parts from the respective era in which it originates. The styling cues are tasteful, classy, and clean. Period Correct abides by those same rules and much like the name suggests, they are a popular boutique and their new location in Playa Vista is all about style without being ostentatious and over the top. Our good friend BJ curates the store and he and his team’s roots run deep with an affinity for motorsport heritage, exclusive threads, and chic style.

We went out there recently to say hey to the homies and per usual it was a nothing short of a great time. There was a plethora of rad metal on site and the vibe was as mellow as it could be. You truly get the feeling that you’ve traveled back in time when you see vintage cars from the Italian peninsula, Germany, and Japan. Hors d’oeuvres were served and champagne bottles were popped. Everyone intermingled and relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful Los Angeles weather.

Below you can view photos from throughout the day and you’ll see for yourself what Period Correct, LA is all about!

High-quality materials ensure that the apparel is top notch.
Beautiful Benz aired out on AMG Aero II’s.
Multiple rides rocking the ‘prancing horse’ were present including our homie Rob’s 360 Modena.

We hope you guys enjoyed the photo set and if you’re looking for quality clothing bred with a motorsport and classic car background then this is the place to be!