Basecamp 3.0 was this past weekend and definitely went down as a success. A few days prior we decided to pay a visit to our friends at JW Offroad and see what they had cooking. It just so happened that our good buddy Miguel ‘MintCo Imports’ Zaragoza was at the shop having some work done on his Nissan Safari so it was the perfect opportunity to create some content. 

Located across town in Chino, JW Offroad specializes in custom fabrication and 4×4 part/accessory manufacturing. Bryan handles the day to day business aspect of the shop and his partner in crime Jay handles the design and fabrication work. They’ve been in the game since 2012 and their primary platforms consist of Toyota/Lexus and JK Wranglers. Their passion speaks for itself when you look at their projects and finished pieces as well being that the quality is as good as it gets.  Miguel’s rig was having some overland style window brackets mounted and the end result looked super OEM and proper on his RHD crawler.

We were able to get some killer shots of the JW artisans honing their craft as well as footage of the shop space in general. You’ll see their rides among others at Basecamp and we will have plenty of content to share with you guys very soon!