I can never say enough great things about Project X here in Chicagoland.  From providing outstanding service to letting me work on my own personal Z32 in their garage, these guys are quickly setting the standard for what a shop should be.  Today they opened their doors to the local enthusiast community for a meet & greet BBQ.  Our fabulous weather here in Chicago (heavily laced with sarcasm) provided us with a spectacular morning of rain, followed by a brisk 50 degree temp and strong winds that caused a brief power outage at the shop.  None of this stopped the masses from coming out and actually having an excellent time.  Great food, great people, cool cars, awesome times – that’s all that matters.

This was my first time seeing Keith’s new setup on his single turbo Z33, and I effing love it.  RPF1 10.5 +15  275/35 all around, drop compliments of new Stance GR+ coils and a C-west CF lip kit.  I really dig the blue!  Going to be doing a proper shoot with this car in the future.

Kristin’s Tibur…errr, I mean, Genesis Coupe (Hi Kristin!) was out with one of the best stances I’ve seen on a local Genesis.  She’s rocking a limited edition set of  Volk CE28N in genesis finish.

The famous ill_roller was out in his Risky Devil IS.  This guy goes through wheels like I go through socks.  But his current Work XD9 setup is pretty hot.

I’m a big fan of Michael’s Evo.  He isn’t super slammed, but his fitment is perfect imo.  Also equipped with Volk CE28N in formula silver.  19×10.5 +22 all the way around wrapped in 285/30 tires.  Yet another car that I have a shoot set up for in the near future.

I was really digging this STI Wagon, and yet another set of Volk CE28Ns.  Did we have a group buy or something??  Regardless of the saturation of CE’s today, car looks the tops.

I honestly can’t help going from six to midnight every time I see Gene’s 370z.  He recently fitted a set Venaci Mesh wheels, made by Work and sold by Status Autoworks in California.  Similar to the Work Gnosis GS4s but with Venaci centercaps and a machined lip,  it looks fan-flippin-tastic.  Gene also recently had a GTM supercharger installed.  Nom nom nom.

Eric has a simply done clean Z33.  Stock body, but the Volk GTS wheels compliment the white perfectly, and the lip is a subtle touch. Maybe a more aggressive setup in the future?  Eric says possibly.