Nothing like getting closer to another trophy.
Because the land of champs is where I reside.
And growing up in Niner country
means anything less than being in the playoffs
is plain and simply…unacceptable.

Let’s go Kap.
Two more… on our quest for six.


 The city is lit.


 Beware.  Earthquakes…and apparently tsunamis.

 Playoff rituals. Jaunt to the wharf.
Sabella & La Torre

 Born and bred.




 Clam Chowder Bread Bowl

Fish & Chips


 Crab Sandwich

Quick meet before dashing the Packers hopes and dreams.
Life IS…

Ay bay bay…and aloha.


Sorry Pac.  It is what it is.


Old school.  Fool.


Feel me?

Till the next episode…