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Today we feature one of the most celebrated Japanese marquees, the Toyota Supra. Last seen in the market 16 years ago, the brand is set to return next year in form of a Mark V model. With countless years of development,  news of the MKV being a compact model divided insights of long-time Supra fanatics.

Here’s a quick look on an instant cult classic, the MKIV Supra – driven daily on Manila’s busiest streets.

Built by Elcid De Guzman together with DMF Drift, this particular MKIV has been present in various meets over the past 3 years. Visually, the main objective is to have smooth free flowing lines. To achieve this, the car has been installed with a Ridox Front Bumper and Side Skirts. To fit the Work Wheels Meister S1, a custom metal widebody pull was done.

Here we take a look at my favorite angle of the car, which highlights the OEM-esque metal widebody. To finish  off its aggressive rear end, a Top Secret rear diffuser and TRD Wing were installed.

An engine built to match.

The bulletproof 2JZ-GTE is tuned to compliment a Borgwarner S400SX Turbo, 1000cc injectors and
264 BC Racing Camshafts. The current output is a safe 548 RWHP for daily driving and late night pulls.

One of the most talked about builds in the local “scene” has reached its final form. As I speak, the owner and the shop who built this Supra is working on a another MKIV pushing more power, more details, while sporting a much more aggressive exterior. Just in case you’re wondering what’s next..

While the world awaits the MKV, Manila patiently waits on another epic MKIV build..


1993 Toyota Supra
5-speed Manual Transmission
Ogura Twin Plate Racing Clutch
Borgwarner S400SX Turbo
38mm waste gate
Tial qr 50mm BOV
1000cc fuel injector with fuel rail
Walbro 485lph pump
4” straight pipe
264 bc racing camshafts
Work Meister S1R 18 x 9 / 18 x 11
Ridox Front Bumper
Ridox Side skirts
Top Secret Diffuser
Custom Hood
Custom metal widebody pull


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