Edit 2 After much debate, we’ve come up with a solution where we hope everyone will be happy with. Featured Cars (these are the cars we contact to do a particular photoshoot) – Must be rocking the real deal while with Readers rides, Reps will be ok as long as cars fit the mold.

Edit: We would like to know your opinion on this matter as we definitely do not want to alienate people from being featured. We do however know that companies that spend alot of time and money doing R&D building these great wheels are suffering from copycats. We are however considering being lenient with them on Hellaflush since it isn’t about wheels itself but is about the overall fitment and look as a package.


Original Post.
So the debate continues.. Should we feature or not feature cars that rock replica wheels. It’s not a debate whether or not it’s cool to rock them on the daily, to each it’s own, but its more to support our friends who run and own Rays, Advan, Work, and AME. Our friend Jay from JDM EGO has pushed this ideology for as long as we’ve known him and we’ve become good friends with these wheel manufacturers throughout the many years we’ve been tuning cars. A big part is that we’re sponsored by one of the Japanese wheel manufacturers mentioned above so we feel it’s part of our loyalty to their company to not showcase a copycat of their wheel on certain channels of our site.

These companies push hard to come up with designs that excite all of us when they first debut at Autosalon only to get copied the day they’re released with a cheaper knock off. Sure, some of the knock off brands are built well and can handle the track but its only due to the origin of its design. If the design wasnt built tough, the original manufacturer wouldnt make it, right?

So to this site that has tried to take a stab at us by using nationality (btw, we LOVE the philippines and that was a cheap shot) as a reason to like/hate the brand, please understand the logic behind this decision.

Here’s an example of a new wheel manufacturer doing their thing. Rotiform out of Westminster, California. Their own designs & Their style.