Knog has released the Milkman Combo, a retractable, keyless, steel cable lock with a simple and clean design made for bike adventures.


DIMENSIONS : 75 x 75 x 20mm
WEIGHT: 132g
MATERIALS: Braided steel cable. Zinc die-cast latch with polycarbonate casing.
LOCK TYPE: Combination Lock.

I put the lock to the test on a weekend bike cruise. What I noticed first was the extremely portable size and shape. It easily fits in even the smallest of back pockets. The weight is light enough that you can barely tell you have it.


The Milkman Combo is extremely easy to use. Initially, you need to set your combo then it takes about 15 seconds to lock up a bike. Just retract the cord and wrap it around your anchor point and go.

The retractable cord is long enough to lock about 3 bikes comfortably directly through the frame.


The one drawback is that the cord doesn’t seem that strong and I’m pretty sure a pair of bolt cutters would snap it easily. However, this was made more for convenience and to use as a deterrent. If a thief wants to steal your bike, your bike is going to get stolen. No way around that regardless of the lock. I wouldn’t suggest leaving your bike locked with any lock overnight anywhere for that matter.


Overall, this is a great solution for quick trips to keep your bike safe and for peace of mind while on the go. It comes in 4 colors and is available at the affordable price of $29.95 on the Knog Website.