In the past few years, there’s been a revival…a resurrection of the past.  This revival definitely has strong support throughout the automotive world, from carbureted engines to cafe racers.  Newer generations of gear heads in search of their roots in order to pave the road for the future.  This is exactly why I love events like the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride and Pacific Kulture Fest.  On Oahu, 70 dapper dressed motorcyclists joined over 3,000 motorcyclists worldwide to ride and raise over $275,000 towards the cure for Prostate Cancer.  Arriving at their destination at Aloha Tower, the motorcyclists joined other revivalists at the Pacific Kulture Fest for a day of cars, pinups, and live music.  Mahalo to Hawaii Moto Ryder and Island Greaser for making both events possible!  Enjoy the photos below, but towards the bottom of the post slow down for some bonus photos of a good friend’s 356 😉

At last year’s VW Shaka Weekend, some Porsche 356 owners invited me to their annual Drive Your 356 Day where I met the president of the Porsche 356 Hawaii Owners Group Rick Woltz.  Rick has owned 5 various 356s since the 1970s…this is 1 of 2 that he currently owns.  So to end my post titled “Revival”, it is important that we never forget those who have been paving the road for the future since day one.  Original, revolutionary, trendsetters, outcasts…call them what you want, doesn’t matter to them because they are…legendary.