With the increasing demand for Japanese classic cars, searching for your ultimate 70’s Nissan Skyline is no walk in the park. Considered in Japan as the ‘holy grail’ of classics, exporting a Hakosuka is the ultimate dream for any JDM car enthusiast. But have you ever wondered on why most of these cars still stay inside of Japan? During my two trips to the Land of the Rising Sun, I have encountered several stories on how the Japanese underground culture plays a huge role on these cars. Mostly stories from elderly men, I decided to look up for a video/story online for extra visual reference. I found a video of Roy de Guzman and his ’72 Skyline, Roy shared his story to Superstreet/Dionne Mascunana on how he attained his ultimate dream car. Enjoy!


Video by: Dionne Mascunana

More videos here: vimeo.com/mbss 

Owner: Roy de Guzman

Thanks for allowing me to share the video, Dionne.

Hope you enjoyed this one.

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