Taxes, meetings, bball, downtown,
and road dogs.
Cuz everyone needs road dogs.


Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet is the new lip fave.  Trust.Summertime is near!My current daily road dog is a Clare Vivier,
monogrammed with my initials…aka Cali.

Mixing biz with pleasure.  Cuz we got it like that.
MaryJane dinner meet……at Little Star Pizza.Yes.  I LOVE anchovies.Then froyo.My MJ road dog + +
and then some.
Basketball diaries with my baby baller.#edumucation
It’s an epidemic.
That good Filipino food.ManoSagoLumpia ShanghaiKare-KareCrispy PataMe and my air max 90s.My other road dog (literally).

Till the next episode…