A couple of my good buddies put this video together for Ryan Swope, who is in contention to receive the cover of the next EA Sports NCAA Football 2014 cover. Swope put up solid numbers and one of the fastest 40 yard dash times in NFL Combine history as a wide receiver with a 4.34-second 40, a vertical jump of 37 inches and a broad jump of 10 ft 5 inches and to top it off he’s 6 foot and 205 pounds. Putting it into perspective the following are numbers from the top NFL wide receivers:

Jerry Rice’s vertical is 32 inches. Terrell Owen’s vertical is 33 inches, his broad jump was 10 feet. Randy Moss’s vertical was 40 inches. Percy Harvin ran a 4.42 40, had a 37.5 inch vertical, and a 10 ft 1 inch broad jump. Larry Fitgerald runs a 4.57 40, has a 35 inch vertical, and a 10 ft 1 inch broad jump.

But forget all that…homie can dance (well kinda sorta).

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