Well almost.. Put the car back together and found out the steering pump was busted so gotta fix that real quick and waiting for the Toyo’s for the fronts and it’ll be good. I CANNOT WAIT for to take this car drifting and on the track again. It’s been over a year.

And If you haven’t heard, we’re throwing a WORD UP! Drift/Gymkana event next month and then 1nce a month for the next 6 months in Santa Clara, CA. Limited to only 30 Drivers. AWD & RWD. Registration has moved to 10.21.2010 so check on the page to register.

Here with the Supermade Kit on. The rocket bunny fenders, front bumper and hood is getting painted.

The Flyer for WORD UP!

Bra Off.



If you havent seen the video of the tune, check it out. Thanks Kenny. And for those that want to know numbers and how it did, the motor is built to handle 750hp but with the smaller T2871 Turbo, it’s producing 400hp with 347 to the wheels. Perfect for non-pro drifting!

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