Last night I attended the soft opening of Seoul Sausage‘s second location in Little Tokyo. The invitation came abruptly, in the form of a DM, on the same day. The guys – Yong, Ted, and Chris – had been dealing with permit issues and quickly got the green light. So just like that, the soft opening was a go. How could I miss it? I’ve seen this team go from test kitchen to Food Network to Sawtelle and now to this.

When I started my blog/clothing line years ago, I wrote a lot on Seoul Sausage. Our relationship started with a t-shirt I released called “The Forever Young”. Yong caught wind of it (he had to have it), emails were exchanged, and here we are. I documented their test kitchen at Chris’ old apartment, I photographed their appreciation night at a K-Town rooftop, I attended their viewing parties for The Great Food Truck Race, I was there when their first location on Sawtelle opened, and I featured Chris here as a Tastemaker. I briefly sat with Yong last night; we reveled in how crazy the Seoul Sausage whirlwind has been and how the soft opening was strictly for the “day ones”. The place was packed. I was happy to be among those who have surrounded themselves with guys like Yong, Ted, and Chris.

Seoul Sausage #2 is in Downtown LA, in the middle of a booming diaspora of the wealthy/foodie/drinkie/hip.  The menu goes beyond sausage and now includes a bar with craft cocktails. And, you can actually sit down. It is the grown and sexy version; the guys really put their big boy pants on for this one.


I had the Angelino dog. I can’t quite remember what was in it (might have been all the Mezcal I drank). But it had pico de gallo and avocado creme and black bean puree. I sipped Chris’ version of ramen alongside it and engaged in conversation with Krista (Travel + Leisure) and Mike (LA Brew Techs). They had a Chinese spiced lamb sausage that apparently was to die for…




By the end of the night, hugs and high fives were abundant. Yong, Ted, and Chris did it again. Congrats!


Seoul Sausage #2 officially opens on Tuesday, September 8.
236 S Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012