Shadow Styles was a huge success!  The fusion of contemporary fashion and Hip Hop party brought 2 worlds together for one special night off music, art and dance. Event was c0-organized by Sky Fung and filmed by world renowned party/dance/surf cinematographer Mason Rose on Red Epic cams for international release to showcase Hawaii’s party scene.

Hailing from Boston, DJ Lean Rock & Safire of the Floorlords Crew will be throwing it down along with Uni Mighty4, Matt Kee and Nick of KTUH.

Live art from Hawaii’s East 3 and Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin.

Fashion Stylist Stand Off was off the chain! Two of Hawaii’s top stylists duked it out in fashion, hair, makeup and models culminating in a live photo shoot where party guests get to vote who has the best styles.

Big up to Bboys and Crews El Nino, Nasty Ray, Prada G, Kamel, Free, Gravity, Red Eye Jedi, Beat Rock Krew and more for making the cypher Go Off!  Shout out to Karmaloop, Puffer, Freelance, JSLV, All Hawaii, Puma & Nakama Brand for supporting!