Finally another DIY! But this time, it’s more FIY: FIX-IT-YOURSELF. How many of you ladies have found rings that you love but are super bummed to find that it’s just not your size !? This happens alot with vintage rings I guess, since they’re normally one of a kind. Hopefully it’s too big (and not too small, can’t really help you there) cos here’s a really simple FIY for those rings that are just too big.

When I found this awesome (one-size only) E&J-looking slightly hammered knuckle ring, I INSTANTLY fell in love. The second I tried it on, my heart sank; it was wayyyyyy too dang big. I remembered a great old-school tip that my mom told me she used to do when she was younger so I purchased the ring anyway!

All you need for this FIY:
– the dang ring that’s too big
– thick thread/string in the same colour as your ring (or just anything really if you dont mind)
– super glue

Start by tying a double-knot on the inside of the ring.

Now just start wrapping the thread around the inside of the ring. I had to wrap mine a lot cos the ring was really big (at least a size 9 and I’m normally a 7). Keep trying on the ring as you go so you know when you’re ready.

When it’s about the right thickness for you, trim the excess thread off but leave a little bit at the end. Using the super glue, just glue the end down to the rest of the thread. Make sure you glue on the outside of the ring, not on the inside (the side with your finger) cos when the super glue dries, it gets kinda hard and it’d probably real uncomfortable rubbing against your finger.

That’s IT! So easy right? Some people might think it looks pretty dumb that there’s a big blob on the inside of your ring but honestly, when you’re wearing such a hot ring, no one cares what’s on the inside of it. The blob of thread makes no difference and is not uncomfortable at all. My only advice is that you definitely need to take your ring off when you wash your hands (which you should do anyway) so that the thread doesn’t get wet and start to smell (/gross/)!