After a long year of being excited, sad which turned into depression, which in turn, turned into tears of joy, the S14 is finally home. Next week she’ll be headed over to BlackTrax to get tuned and by Fatlace Classic, itll be on the street doing it’s thing. Here’s more photos of the S14. The front Rocket Bunny bumper doesnt quite fit with the battle ram so we’re going to have to drill deeper holes to get it to slide on. It’s only about a quarter of an inch away but those mm’s make a huge difference.

With the new Rocket Bunny fenders, the wheels dont exactly fit. I’m going to have to most likely run thinner tires up front to get the wheels to turn. Lots of unexpected things today but overall, I’m just glad she’s back.

I went back to when I first got into drifting. Bubble shift knobs and my original Mooneye’s style white steering wheel. No worries, the Yashio Factory shiftknob and the KEYS’ steering wheel is hidden away.

Performance Options built the motor while Dan&Daniel from DGR put it together and in the car. Yeah, the Titan Motor would have been awesome and very american style but it’s ok. The motor is for sale along with the G35 tranny and adapter plate from Drift Emporium if anyone is interested.

Her dirty booty.

Hoping to see alot of you at the Opening Ceremony of our new Retail/Studio/Warehouse space in San Mateo. RSVP if you plan to enter the door. rsvp here. The new sign is up.

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