Every since the stance/hellaflush scene started people have been pushing their cars to the limit. As of lately though, I have noticed more and more people having massive amounts of bodywork done to their cars so that their fenders will be able to accommodate ever growing wheel sizes, mainly widths and offsets. I do miss seeing the cars that make you question how in the world they are able to fit “those wheels” under what appears to be “stock” fenders. Zak Kerbelis’s S2000 is one of those cars.

Zak wanted to do a color change to his car to get rid of the boring black factory paint job. So he contacted his friends at Sticker Shark to do a matte aluminum wrap. This is probably one of my favorite wrap colors to do.

When Zak was going thru all of the possible wheel options out there he wanted to go with a JDM wheel but also wanted it to be more on the “rare” side aswell. So he decided to go with a set of Weds Kranze Cerebrus II’s with gunmetal faces. Fronts 18×9 +10. Rears 18×10 +15.

To get the low stance that he wanted he went with a set of D2 Coilovers

After acquiring his wheels and his coilovers it was time for him to make them fit. This ended up take a little longer than he thought but the final result is AWESOME(in my opinion).

His camber is spot on.

It is quit amusing seeing peoples reactions when he tells them he is on coils and not air.

When it came to the interior of his car all he wanted was a set of Bride Gias II. No fancy steering wheel or any thing to flashy. Just seats.

As I said in the beginning of this post, there are the stance cars that have tons of bodywork and there are the cars that make you question how the owner was able to achieve what they did without having to do a ton of bodywork. Zaks S2000 defiantly falls into the how category.

Make sure to follow Zak on Instagram @zak_kerbelis (he makes cool videos, Founder of 1Kind Studio)

I wanted to share his latest project he has worked on. Zak, Tram Tran, and Abbitt Wilkerson join forces last year to form a production company called 1Kind Studio. They recently branched out to make a small documentary on a man from New Orleans. If you have not had a chance to view it make sure you do(below).

Don’t Look Left from 1Kind Studio on Vimeo.


Kyle McManus

Instagram @kyle_mcmanus 


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