Awhile back, I was working Formula D Long Beach Slammed Society. I have always enjoyed roll in/staging because it gave me a chance to check out the cars first hand and made it easier to take photos since there weren’t hundreds of people around. That day, Rilber’s Audi A4 Avant was one of the first cars to roll in. I’m a sucker for wagons so his car instantly stood out to me. Everything about it just seemed to flow perfectly, it was simple yet made people look twice. I purchased an A4 sedan earlier last year and looked at Rilber’s Avant as somewhat of an inspiration for the build.

Rilber’s 2011 A4 Avant is equipped with AccuAir E-Level Management, AccuAir Audi A4 B8 Sport Kit, and Rotiform IND 19×10 ET35 rolling on Falken 453 235/35/19 tires. The good folks at Rotiform did an awesome job with these wheels. I may be looking into a set myself soon.

I’m loving the fitment on this Avant. He didn’t go all out with crazy camber, just solid fitment and tuck.

As for engine mods, he decided to go with a AWE Tuning Exhaust and Downpipe System. The exhaust tone sounded awesome as it echoed through the garage at Long Beach. He also added an Injen intake. As for the exterior, he kept it simple and added a set of RS4 tailights. I wonder if Rilber would ever consider throwing a RS4 motor in there?

I want to thank Rilber for taking these photos for the site. I look forward to seeing what else you have in store for this build. You can follow Rilber and his build on Instagram @iacro_rilber. Check him out.