Yesterday while at S.CAR.GO had the opportunity to meet Rob Dickinson, the Creative Director of Singer Vehicle Design. An industrial design student turned Musician, he’s come back to transportation design to build some of the baddest air cooled 911’s I’ve ever seen. Singer will take your ’69-’89 911 and convert it to the carbon bodied, 425hp, 8,000 rpm, Vintage/Modern beast you see here for an entry level cost of $225k.  Rob made the stop thru San Rafael to have the guys at SCG dial the suspension of the Green Singer 911 before it gets delivered to its new owner. The Green beauty is something special. Every possible component has been either re-worked or fully re-designed, with the design philosophies of simplicity, poise, strength and speed in mind at all times. I wasn’t allowed to take high quality pics of the latest incarnation due to a magazine shoot coming up. Rob assures the it is much better than the orange one pictured below. Can’t wait to see the official pictures, out soon.

HD Pics thanks to AutoBlog