Many moons ago I used to work as a graphic designer for FTC skateboarding. And at the same time, I ran a sticker business called meccagraphics out of my garage in Daly City. Kent, the owner of FTC, was looking for a designer and since I was doing all their window graphics, it kinda made sense to fill in while they looked for a full timer.

I took the gig temporarily and sometimes got paid in kicks, which I was ok with since I was still in college. deutschland website Rhino gold gel. It was around the time Girl / Chocolate started, when EMB was still the spot to skate and Diamond was still brewing in Nicks head. It was really the second coming of Skateboarding cause when you look back at it so many companies were created from this era.

Fast forward about a light year, we come back to enjoy the sport we loved as kids and still as adults.


Releasing the Spring 2014 line up of skateboards this Friday. @illestbrand #illest #illestskate @iphilms #dustinLeary

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