The three main loves of a Cali girl:
sun, beach and ocean.
And halfway between the Bay and LA, this Cali girl found love.
California love…at Pismo Beach.

This was my balcony view for a few days.And this guy came to visit…a few times.

Monarch Butterfly Grove
Splash Cafe…for the famous clam chowder.He’s back.My new fave…Stack go.This vacay was for my daughter who just turned sweetLong life noodles!  A must on bdays.Walks on the beach!You again!!!  He likes us!I see……dolphins!!!Oceano Dunes…the only beach in California you can drive onto.#selfieOne of the best beaches I’ve ever been to…and I’ve been to a few.
Pismo’s beaches are super clean, white, powdery with spectacular views.
There weren’t a lot of people so it isn’t overrun with tourists.
And it has that small beach town vibe…my fave.
I can’t wait to go back again.


In other news…soon as I got back I had an event.
DunkXChange SFC.R.E.A.M.Me and the cuzcuz @maesuyat.