When I say sketchy I mean he sketches and creates art not shady/sketchy, got ya!

BobRox is his twitter name and he’s a mysterious kind of character that is traveling the country, the world and the earth with minimal NEEDS and desires but a plethora of talent, knowledge and HUNGER FOR LIFE!

I had the pleasure of breaking bread and sharing a great conversation with the person behind the twitter name @BobRox…
Check out one of his many Time Lapse Lettering videos on Bob’s Vimeo page at least see the one below…

Bob and I met at Liberty Market in Gilbert, AZ a place I frequent and I encountered Bob’s work months ago in one of the many Moleskines that Liberty Market leaves out for defacing, notes, drawings, etc…
BobRox Liberty Market 003

I got the salmon BLT, so good!
BobRox Liberty Market 001

Bob caught the special burger, looks too dangerous for me but Bob is all bout it!
BobRox Liberty Market 002

Great dude! Great conversation and BTW great shirt, Illest, he’s in the know!
BobRox Liberty Market 004

Gotta love this dude!
This Escort is on its last leg and barely made it from Texas to AZ, but gotta promo on the way…
BobRox Liberty Market 006

Bob is such a humble & solid human being its rad to meet somebody so storied, open, honest and just REAL!
He has a backpack and a briefcase full of possessions and that’s it by design…
He operates on minimalistic stance on life but wealthy in relationships!

Get to know BOBROX on TWITTER
BOBROX ON VIMEO and soon to be elswhere…
I warned ya bout this sketchy dude!!!!!!!