Slammed Society Las Vegas was as HOT as ever. Both the cars and the weather were blazing.

Thanks to everyone that came out and endured the Vegas weather. Enthusiasts made the journey from as far away as San Diego and Utah. Everyone came out to enjoy some Formula D drifting action and meet and greet car lovers from everywhere.

Roll in went very smoothly. Thanks to everyone for being so patient waiting in a mile of slammed cars (some with no Air Conditioning, Hard Core).

Brian and Todd did a great job placing all the cars in nearly perfect lines and spacing. We run a tight ship and we hope the way we present cars to the public is appreciated.

The caliber of cars that came out made judging incredibly difficult. See a few of the winners below and you’ll see why.

Slammed Award went to this blue Accord all the way from Utah.

Import Award went to this Root Beer Integra, shown here with his Sunkist Can buddy.

Classic Award went to this Slammed Civic and even his trailer was on bags. He rolled in scraping all the way.

Honorable mention went to this Z that drove out all the way from Camp Pendleton in San Diego with his wife who decided to shred the belt on his AC compressor before the event ended. Some local friends brought him some spare belts and got them all patched up before heading out.

Vegas’ VIP scene came out strong. There were VIPs everywhere you looked. See you all at Irwindale, the last stop on the Formula D tour for Slammed Society 2k12.