One of my favorite places to eat at Waikiki is Sansei. Go there if you’re in the neighborhood. It was a HOT day, started off w/ some refreshing Sapporo.

I ordered Jerk Chicken. Pretty good!

Forgot what this was called, but nobody wanted to share. Also very tasty!

Went to Kahala for a wedding. These shots were taken a day before while scoping out the joint. The staff is super nice there!

What hotel has dolphins? Aiden had fun watching them jump out of the water. I need to stay at this place next time I’m at the islands.

If you like breakfast food like me, you have to check out Boots and Kimo’s. Order the Macadamia Nut Pancakes. Bomb.

Seeing those mountains always remind me of Lost.

Koi at the mall.