Blessings+Peace Fam | As our adventure tapered off from Helsinki + London, we were able to return back to the US for about a week where we found ourselves entrenched in yet, another challenging project. It wasn’t before long that we were once again on a plane, but this time heading for Berlin, where we spent 9 days engulfed in pixels + 22 hour work-days. Yes folks, you read correctly. To say the least, we were putting in our full-on hustle, but our fearless leader topped us all with doing a 48+ hour shift and running straight into the event’s celebration jam. On the tail-end, we had a day and a half to digress and capture a few shots of the Berlin street scene. Hope you find the shots interesting+Many Thanks for tuning in.  [We’re Only as Strong as Our Hustle]

Stop-over @ Frankfurt + 3.30AM Venture Shot of Spree River + Estrel Berlin + Remnants of Berlin Wall Art Installation

CheckPoint Charlie + Berlin Wall + Last Kremlin Flag + Berlin Street Art + Estrel Berlin + Berlin Science Center + Street Typography

Bauhaus Archiv + Bode Museum + Aufsturz + Sony Center + Berlin Street Scene + Brandenburg Gate


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