So a few weeks ago we hopped on a plane at SFO, transferred at Paris and was Finland-bound, as we made Helsinki our home for a little over a week. We spent 20 hour days working, where we found ourselves nodding off as we worked into the crack of dawn. From there, in a very zombie-like fashion, we made our way to the UK, landing in London. Presented before you are a few snapshots that we were able to take of the breathtaking city, during moments of placidity. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but being at the actual site is a whole other story. So here it is without any further adieu: LONDON TOWN Thru The Eyes of SRxMM.

Canary Wharf + The O2 + Surrounding Areas

London Design Festival + ExCEL Center + Nokia World 2010 + The Largest Flyer We Ever Made 😉

The Thames River + MilkBar UK + Covent Garden + Hyde Park

Verve + Great Queen Street + Picadilly Circus + SoHo + London Eye

Victoria & Albert Museum + Harod’s


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