STAGE 1: Phase 7 ‘Sikky Heaven’

Okay so this week I decided to cover two beers due to it being Octoberfest season.. So for the next three updates I should have two beers posted up..

Up first is DogFish Head ‘Punkin Ale.’ Now this one is truly one of my favorites for the season due to its brown sugar, spices and real pumpkin added to the brew process.. Its a 7.0 ABV,, very good taste, This one might be hard to come by since it sales out quick and is only sold at certain spots.. So def pic it up..

Next up is Samuel Adams ‘Octoberfest’. This one goes great with BBQ in my opinion, a lot lighter then the DogFish Head. The camel and toffee really come out in this beer to me, which leaves a great after taste..


So what do we have for this week to install?? Just love coming home to some big packages that say “Sikky”

Here we have the Sikky LS1 350z swap kit, with their 1 7/8 long tube headers. If you do plan on doing an LS swap this should be the kit you want to pick up.. The quality of this kit is just top notch from the mounts to the oil pan it is all A+ in my book.. Pricey but worth it..

Kit comes with oil pan, motor mounts, remote mount oil filter, Trans mount, drive shaft and Billet short shifter (which is on back order so still waiting for mine)

The headers are extra but well worth it in my opinion.

Sikky 350z LS1 Swap kit: $3,000.00 (this is with the headers and shipping)

Just look how nice these mounts are, all CNC machined.

Okay first we have to prep the oil pan for install

Just look at the quality of this oil pan, love how they itched in the Sikky logo..

Sexy *** welds

Sikky labels all there bags so you know where what goes, which is good. They have instructions on there website if you need it..

These fittings go in the oil pan for the remote mount oil filter..

Teflon tape is your friend here…

Take your time when installing the fittings, they wont screw all the way in so don’t worry if you have some space..

Next we have to remove the old LS oil pan..

Pretty straight forward

Here is the factory LS oil pick up….

Another pic of how the factory LS oil pick up is mounted..

Here is a quick comparison to the factory LS oil pick up to the new Sikky oil pick up tube. See how much smaller the Sikky one is?

Install the new Sikky oil pick up tube, using factory torque specs..

Mounting spot..

Another pic of the oil pick up tube..

Now place the gasket in place and then install the new Sikky oil pan…. In this pic you will see that you have to use those allen screws for the front due to space.

Looking good on the engine …

Next is the motor mounts and header mock up.. The motor mounts come with their bolts. Make sure to look at the mounts to see which side they are mounted on.. There should be a P for passenger or D for driver side… Then torque down to LS specs..

A shoot of the engine from behind.. Damn it looks good with those headers

Pretty much looks like a complete motor. Need little things here and there but you get the idea.

Total price so far: $9,089.16

Next week STAGE 2: Phase 1 ‘Dropping Engine’