During my stay in the Philippines a few weeks ago, i was itching to see some cars, til my friends from Manila Fitted invited me to one of their meets that they have every once in a while. Thanks to my cousin, i was able to use her camera to take a few photos. Although i did show up a little late, i was able to see some pretty good looking cars. A few replica wheels, but at least they understand “wheel fitment”.

Old school lancer on enkei’s

Full feature on this beautiful Toyota Corona coming soon.

MR2’s are pretty rare in the PI.

Picked up one of these b13 sentras. So had to take a few shot of this.

Jordan’s KE wagon

Kevin Carlos giving us a little show.

Kevin’s lifted S15 Silvia. haha jk. <3 Lower it alreadyy!!!

Glad to see more people are going towards the VIP look.

Super clean s15

Photos and article by: Vince Geronimo / Instagram: @vinceFTLC