Some of you probably think that I’ve dove head first into the deep end by posting a Ford Mustang, but fear not I’m still kicking it poolside with my Volkswagen shirt on and my brain is working just fine. I love incorporating variety into my articles and as someone who traditionally stays far away from domestics I decided to get outside of my comfort zone for this one. Meet Mal’s Mustang.

I was surfing the Interwebz for potential content and stumbled upon this car not too long ago and thoroughly enjoyed what I was looking at. After scrolling through a few of the photos I reached out to the owner and got the literal low down on the pan scraper you see here.

It was very unusual to see a car that wears the blue oval to be setup in this manner and typically this style of wheel fitment is reserved for the likes of Japanese marques. However, thinking outside the box will never go out of style and this car is a testament to that. Its low, loud, ratty, and rad.

The part list isn’t extraordinarily long, but being that this isn’t a full feature I was okay with that. The wheel fitment and suspension were enough for me to want to share it with you guys and show you that almost all cars can look cool with a bit of flair and creativity.  Feal Suspension handled the fully bespoke coilovers sporting 50k spring rates and custom damping to get the subframe as close to the pavement as possible all while providing a rather comfortable ride according to Mal.

While the car is undoubtedly low I wanted to point out that the offset is what drew me in from the get go. The gorgeous Wald rollers fit nicely under the pumped up arches and give the chassis a very unique look when it’s cruising down the street. Their numbers are one off and these particular wheels are the only set in the United States with these specifications.  For a platform that generally sports meaty rubber and a more track oriented posture it was pretty cool to one sitting this way. Here are a couple more shots for everyone to enjoy and hopefully you all stay tuned for updates from one of lowest static Mustangs in the country.