It’s festival season!  Which means the MaryJane girls are busy poppin up shop.  Last Sunday was the long running Haight Ashbury Street Fair now in its 35th year.  And we, along with Grey Skyline Prints, were posted on the infamous Haight/Ashbury block.  It was probably the hottest day we’ve seen in Frisco in a minute.  81 degrees, true blue skies, and folks comin fresh in their best summer gear.  Lookin like Summer of Love up in the Bay!  

And if you know anything about the Haight, you know there be some characters there.   Haight just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Haight-Ashbury.  THE mecca of Peace, Love and Happiness.

Local folks!

I must’ve missed the “snakes on yo’ neck” memo. 

“Cause it’s Sunday last day for a funday
Back to business as usual come Monday…
Just chillin on a Sunday afternoon…”

Till the next episode…