Summer.  My favorite season of the year.  When days are especially long and wearing less is abundantly more.  Here are my personal summer essentials getting me through work…and more importantly, play.

Speaking of play…I’m steady getting the summertime shows in.  Last weekend it was Too Short with a live band.  Small, intimate and strictly old school.   Just how I like it.

Peep.  My beautiful week.

Leather bustier.  It’s way more comfortable than a bra, pushes things into the right places
and keeps all that extra squeezed and hidden. 


Super Skinnies.  And I mean super duper jump up and down to get into these jeans…skinnies.  Instant butt lift.

Sky high platform wedges.  To get that supermodel height.

Colorful bracelets.  I guarantee your day will be brighter. 

My fave necklaces.  Of the moment.

Mix and match bikini tops and bottoms.  A summer must.

Denim cut offs.  On this season’s IT LIST.

Beach essentials.  

A comfy sweatshirt for those breezy nights.  MaryJane’s very own is a must have.

A jumper…

…with a cutout back? Even saucier.  

A go to, in case of emergency, black skirt.
This one is a thrift shop find and has been in my closet for at least 10 years.  

A see through top with fluorescent underthings.  Peek a boo.  

A lace top or a bright top.  Or…a combo of both.

And don’t forget the mani. Complete any summer look with a touch of paint.

Time to hit the show.  

 Yoshi’s SF


Too Short with a live band.

Mistah F.A.B, Too $hort and Kev Choice

Mistah F.A.B., Short Dog and Fillmo Slim.  Town biz in the Sco.

Life is too short
But now it’s kind of funky…


Till the next episode…