It’s summer! What better way to spend your summer days than to take out your car and go for a drive to the lake We hung out with Nikki this evening to shoot her awesome BMW E30. A serene Newport Back Bay made the perfect location for some really awesome shots.

Nikki decided to keep it classy with a universal air setup, so being able to take passengers around without rubbing is a nice option. Her dog Atticus also loves that she can take him along for a nice cruise.

I really love how her front bumper is just kissing the floor and it doesn’t look damaged.

The wheels! The pink highlighter wheels! That’s the first thing that ran through my mind when I first saw this car. The BBS RS refinished by Rotiform really sets this car apart from the rest of the BMW crowd.

The BBS RS keeps with the old school flavor and brings out Nikki’s personal style.

Pink Matter.

Jesus and Hellaflush think this car is awesome.

Summertime chillin’ by the lake.

Nikki has made this car into the perfect cruiser for summer road trips.

Sadly, Nikki is moving on and selling her beloved E30. The next time you see her at a meet, it probably won’t be in this beauty anymore. I can’t wait to see what’s next!