I recently received a new Tablift Tablet Stand and immediately decided to try it out on a trip. Often when I travel the iPad becomes my main source of entertainment for watching movies, catching up on TV shows via Netflix or Amazon Prime, or browsing the web. At home I have my Samsung LED TV which connects to Apple TV, has cable, and is my access to the DVR with all my shows, so I rarely use my iPad while at home.

The problem with traveling with an iPad even with a case that doubles as protection and a stand is that it isn’t stable and often falls down or isn’t at the right height or angle for maximum viewing enjoyment. I don’t know how many times I’ve had my iPad fall off the hotel bed while trying to watch something on it. Enter the Tablift, which (according to the company) works with virtually any tablet. The patented design is simple and allows for hands-free use of the tablet while laying in bed, reclining on a couch, or sitting in a chair.

The Tablift itself I find to be somewhat compact with each leg is 14″ long when completely straight, but the beauty is with its bendable legs, similar in concept to Gorillapod for cameras, which allow for multiple settings and adjustments for optimized use of your tablet. There are also 3 slots that you can set your tablet to give 3 different angles of viewing. The slots also fit the iPad both in landscape and portrait orientation. The provided strap firmly grabs the edge of the tablet to hold it securely in place. The strap is also adjustable in length by wrapping it simply around the base.

I do find the Tablift to be a bit heavier than I would like, but the weight does aid in stability. Even while on a soft bed the Tablift does stay in place. The Tablift is also larger, even when folded, than I would want while traveling. It does fit in my carry-on bag, but adds the additional weight and takes up space. I wouldn’t suggest placing in a backpack as the weight is significant enough to be uncomfortable. I also don’t suggest trying to use this on an airplane or the subway not only because I think the height would be too tall for the tray stand or simply could take up too much space, but also for the looks you would get by other passengers.

The Tablift is reasonably priced at $59.99 with Free Shipping, but would be a better deal around $40-45. Overall, the Tablift does provide a great solution in tablet viewing and is one of the better options for tablet stands on the market. It’s a simple and easy to use product and great for use at home and on the road, if you don’t mind the extra size and weight in your bags.