The first ever Hello Kitty Con happened this weekend.
I was there.  I couldn’t NOT be.
It was what every Hello Kitty enthusiast’s dreams are made of.
Kid-size imagination in life-size reality.
And I was there.  I couldn’t NOT be.

Happy 40th birthday Hello Kitty…
and happy 40th to me.

Melody Bar & pretzel bun burgers

From the Bay to LA, one of my oldest and dearest came to surprise me.
You could get with this or you could get with that. #chrisandcat #thisorthat

Bottega Louie

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

New York Egg Sandwich

 Smoked Salmon Benedict
Prosciutto & Burrata






No…thank YOU!

DK’s Donuts

Grand Central Market

Hella big tacos!  Each $3…holla!

Jason Markk

Traffic shot!
Cuz that’s LA all day.

“That’s what she said.”

Melody Ehsani


LA whips…with the matte pink and gold Rolls Royces.

KTown…to check off our foodie bucket list!
And at the end of it, not a crumb left.
Dong Il Jang

Bday wishes…

LA…it’s a wrap!  Til next time!

 And can’t forget to shot out my SFGs!!!
World Champions for the third time in 5 years!!!  Can you say…

First parade I missed but I was there in spirit!