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Straya Day Drift Festival

For our friends outside of Australia, we Aussies have a habit of truncating words, hence ‘good day’ became ‘G’day’, ‘how are you going’ became ‘ha-ya-garn’ and on our day of national celebration, our beloved country is fondly referred to by many as ‘Straya’. Since our national day is all about getting together with your mates and…

Illest at 2013 Agenda

Look for the Illest booth at this upcoming 2013 Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach. We’ll be showcasing our 2013 Summer Illest lineup which includes our Cut & Sew pieces, tees, tanks, bottoms, and hats. We will be located at both L18.

“Lexus Laws of Attraction” Exhibit

Lexus unveiled their new 2013 line of Lexus LS 460 Luxury Sedans in San Francisco at the “Lexus Laws of Attraction” exhibit. Over 500 invited guests from the arts and design community gathered together to check out the new vehicles in an atmosphere full of high-end photography by world-renowned fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth that…