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Drive Your Cars

Peter and I caught up with Ralph recently as the weather got warmer in Sydney to shoot his super collectible Porsche 968CS. The thing with cars is that, you should probably enjoy them for their function, because for so many vehicles the art comes in utility and experience. Ralph originally co-owned this 968CS, buying at…

Finding Happiness: Marc’s EK

It’s difficult to be satisfied as a builder. Happiness is frequently fleeting, there is always an issue to address, or a shortcoming that can be overcome. Perhaps it’s just a change, nonetheless things are rarely complete. “I’m happy with the car, maybe upgrade the suspension and the seats but not much else,” was Marc’s response…


Growing With You: Ralph’s FC

Today it’s commonplace for smaller, low-slung vehicles to get lost in the sea of SUVs and sedan-sized “hot hatches”. Maybe that’s why Ralph decided to paint his FC orange so people don’t merge into him on the highway. “I did it simply because I wanted something a little different”, he insists to me when we caught up for a morning coffee by his Hoskins Auto workshop.

Function & Form RX7

Very rarely do you find a car which blends both function and form seamlessly. It seems that most people believe you cannot have the best of both worlds, it is something that has always divided the car community. Those who like to use their car for spirited drives and track work cannot seem to grasp…

R34 from Down Under.

Check out Andrew Barkers daily driver, a Nissan R34 Skyline GT. Not too slammed but daily’s dont have to be. Wheel / Tire specs. Volk Racing te37 super laps 18×10.5 +15 Kumho ku36 tyres fronts 235/40/18 rears 245/40/18 Greddy type s fully adjustable coilovers Adjustable camber arms fronts and rears -5 degrees camber all round

White on White S15

This white all round S15 is owned by a good mate of mine Chris. The car has quickly transformed from a decent example of how to do a S15 nicely, to one of Australia’s freshest takes on the platform.

Wreck Em

This video is suppost to be coming out this month. Keep your eyes peeled on I’m sure it’ll be worth it. I really like the Coupe drifting the touge towards the end of the trailer.