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The highly anticipated BEYOND THE STREETS art exhibition opened in Los Angeles this past weekend and did not disappoint. The exhibition is a celebration of graffiti and the cultural impact the art has made to society. The exhibition features many of the pioneers of the movement and those that have went beyond the streets to…

Banksy App

Street art meets technology. The Banksy iPhone App just released, dubbed Banksy Locations. By putting in your current location, the app will pull up a map showing locations of pieces done by Banksy. In addition, it will provide users with information on pieces, a gallery, and of course the latest news and video. This is…

Ripping Banksy

So I get a tip about an authentic Banksy getting ripped in half. I yell and tell them I’ll be there in 20 minutes. Luckily we were in Los Angeles to witness this. Pulled out the Lumix LX5 and the 5Dmk2 and here it is… [youtube][/youtube]