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Cima “Q45” Update

Our project 2003 Cima has lost a layer of skin. Decided to pull off the matte white Wraptivo and let the gloss shine. Had to take off the K-Break kit and repair the rear bumper damage that mysteriously appeared one day.

Project Cima part 1

Thanks to the Meguiar’s and Wraptivo, the Q45 (aka Cima 50 in Japan) is about 60% wrapped and I have to say, this is probably thee best vinyl I’ve ever used in my existence of doing vinyl. It’s super forgiving and works super amazing. We still need to do quite a bit of work but…

Crew Forty Five

It was a cold Sunday Morning as I was on the way to meet up with the guys from Crew45. Sipping on some hot coffee I rushed to the meeting spot on Sahara. Such an awesome sight to see four slammed Q45’s on the road. We made it down to the arts district to a…