It was a cold Sunday Morning as I was on the way to meet up with the guys from Crew45. Sipping on some hot coffee I rushed to the meeting spot on Sahara. Such an awesome sight to see four slammed Q45’s on the road. We made it down to the arts district to a location where I often shoot. The wind gust picked up while I shot, but my stable tripod did its thing. Crew45 consists of Q45’s get it? Led by Roy who has many dope whips under his hands such as a Hokosuka GT-R , their crew is all kinds of awesome. From Weds to SSR’s they all roll with the finest JDM wheels. The vinyl work on Roy’s Q is unique bearing the crew’s name. It flows very well with the body lines. Keep an eye out for these guys rolling deep in Sin City.

Onto the Vid…



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