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F/ZERO FRIDAY – Feature #1

F/ZERO FRIDAY will be an ongoing photo feature project highlighting F/ZERO wheels, cars, and owners. Stick around each Friday for another post! Owner: Jordan Skinner (@j_m_skinner) Car: 1989, Volkswagen Golf Mk2 Modifications: Full Bagriders V2 Set-Up Wheels: F/ZERO2  15×8.5  4×100  +25 Tires: Federal 165/45/15 Why F/ZERO Wheels?: It all came down to wanting a good quality…

FZero2 by Fatlace, produced by AME

Here’s a test fit of the FZero2’s from the Datsun Truck onto the AE86. No spacers used but definitely can use some in the rear now that there’s overfenders on the car. Release date for these wheels are next month! FZero1’s seen on the Kenmeri are also scheduled for release as well.

AME x Fatlace

Introducing the F/ZER01 & F/ZER02. These classic sport wheels were ressurected and redesigned with modern fitment by the Fatlace Design Group and produced by Japanese wheel company AME Wheels. Short for Fatlace01 & Fatlace02, these wheels were designed at the utmost quality to surpass JWL testing. Click here for more information about the wheels for…