F/ZERO FRIDAY will be an ongoing photo feature project highlighting F/ZERO wheels, cars, and owners. Stick around each Friday for another post!

Owner: Jordan Skinner (@j_m_skinner)
Car: 1989, Volkswagen Golf Mk2
Modifications: Full Bagriders V2 Set-Up
Wheels: F/ZERO2  15×8.5  4×100  +25
Tires: Federal 165/45/15

Why F/ZERO Wheels?: It all came down to wanting a good quality wheel that comes in a 15″ that is 4×100. There are a lot of cheap 4×100 wheels on the market now. I was searching through the internet and came across these on an ad for a Datsun pickup and knew instantly these were what my Golf needed. I would ultimately like to have these completely polished, but that’s another day. I haven’t had any issues and they seem to be holding up great. Still being fairly new, they also catch a lot of attention over here on the East Coast. Have yet to see another set!

Photo Credit: Justin Meeks (@jmeeksphoto)

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