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A New Podcast for the Hip Hop Heads: Mogul

For the heads, and if you like podcasts, this is some good listening. #hiphophistory Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty One man’s story, from the first breakbeat to the last heartbeat. A hip-hop miniseries from Gimlet Media and Loud Speakers Network, hosted by Reggie Ossé.  

Krazy Kids Radio: From Box Chevys to Bentleys

We got another edition of Krazy Kids Radio coming to you! From rags to riches, from Chevy’s to Bentley’s this mixtape is for the rapper gone car aficionado. If you haven’t heard (no pun intended) DJ Ant One and Kid DEE will be spinning tomorrow at our Fatlace Friday x Garage Welt event from 4PM-9PM at our…