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WFC Mid-Atlantic

The Wrong Fitment Crew held their first mid Atlantic meet over the weekend. It’s one of those in between areas that some of the local members are getting the crew together now for meets closer to home. The WFC is known for springing out of California with it’s largest base in Socal, but with growth…

Sayonara Summer

These guys have always been down for Fatlace/Hellaflush and the Wrong Fitment Crew. If you aren’t familiar with Stretch and Poke they’ve been bringing together the cleanest cars in the Toronto area. Check out this video from their most recent event saying Sayonara to the Summer! [vimeo][/vimeo]

saying goodbye

Sometimes you just have to let a car go. It can be something you regret, but you can always look to the future for new ideas with a different ride. Bobby’s Legacy has been in the fitment scene for a little while now. You may remember his Legacy at Hellaflush at Blacktrax. He was one…