Terry Richardson had his solo show “Terry Wood” tonight @ Oh Wow gallery here in LA. The usual crowd was scene from hipster to models to A list celebs, some who where complete assholes about photos (James Franco). The line was at least 5 blocks long, luckily I know a guy who knows a guy who knows that if you hop over the gate while the security isn’t looking you can get in with out waiting. Luckily!

When I walked in I ran into Tyler, yes “The Creator” if you will. Obviously he knows Terry after they did the Vice photo shoot. Just for name dropping purposes pictured above, Terry, Tyler, Scuba Man, Frank, Lucas, & Brick.

Had to to the infamous thumbs up pose with this guy.

Fellow Fatlace blogger Melissa was there along with her friend, they gave me the thumbs up too. No Rob Heppler though, he says we aren’t friends anymore so I was sad not to see him.

Berman is the fucking man.

Josh & Dyer where tired of all the paparazzi.

Josh caught up with his old Friend Nikki & Paris Hilton. No big deal.

Jeremy Scott was there too. He promised me he’d try to do less shoes with wings & do more shoes with teddy bears. We shook on it so I hope he keeps his word.


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